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Teleportal Apps are shared, geospatial, crossplatform AR/VR experiences.


WiTag Laser Tag

by Teleportal

Play a game of laser tag with your friends in the real world. You can duck behind walls, use a variety of weapons, and even connect remotely via Teleportal on VR or Desktop.

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Gravity AR

by SecretMap

Enter a space where invention is the experience, and take flight into a new frontier.



Created at MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon 2019

AnimAid is the ultimate tool for rapid prototyping of story concepts, seeking to democratize the skill and tools used for creating concept art and storyboards.

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Created at VandyHacks 2018

Collaborative music creation tool in augmented reality, where movements in the real world modify instrument acoustics.

Want to make your own experiences?

Access the SDK and feel free to reach out to us for assistance!